Tension Control

Tension Control

We are one of the leading manufacturing companies engaged in the sphere of tension control system that is mainly used for precise tension & torque control solution in the web converting industries during any web process.  It is essential to maintain uniform tension for better quality and higher production & fewer wastages. Our tension control system is very useful for any winding & unwinding application to maintain tension uniformly throughout the process. Our Tension Control System is easy to install and operate. Manufacturer of Tension Transducer, Magnetic Particle Brake. Hence automated Web tension controlling is essential if objectives in this well known are to be pleased CPT series controls Unwind, Rewind and intermediate web tension. Also, we are the manufacturer of Pneumatic Brake for flexible packaging and converting industries.

We offer different types of the system like magnetic powder brake with:

  • Load cell feed back
  • Diameter computation feed back
  • D.C. regenerative brake
  • A.C. motor based

Tension Control System For Unwinder Unit And Rewinder Unit Of Converting Machines Constant Tension During Converting Process Is One Of The Main Criteria In viagra scam sites Ensuring Good Quality End Product. Tension Of Web Is Decided By The Braking/Driving Torque Applied To The Roll Shaft And The Roll Radius.

  • Modular Design, allows the controllers to be configured to exact application
  • All customers’ adjustments are on board to simplify set-up.
  • Microprocessor based control can be used in any tension zone (Unwinder, Re-winder & intermediate).
  • To enter data using keypad allows the user to scroll through the selections and values, making set-up easy.
  • Indication and correction will be reliable, and efficient.
  • Close loop control by measuring web tension by two load cells ensures that malfunction or wrong web tensions are corrected.

Krishna Engineering Works, a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Tension Control from last 25 years. High quality does viagra come in yellow and heavy duty Tension Control from India.